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Training and Communication
Translating the organization's strategy and philosophy into understandable actions.
Training and Communication Services
Develop custom training programs for performance management
Train and mentor human resource practitioners on technical compensation elements
Educate Boards of Directors on compensation and making pay decisions
Train employees on GE Workout process improvement techniques
Develop 'personal impact maps' to tie employees to company success
Write and design materials to communicate new pay programs
Tandehill Can Help If...
Supervisors are not comfortable giving feedback to employees and therefore many performance problems are not effectively addressed.
Your human resources department is not comfortable with some elements of compensation (i.e., evaluating jobs, developing base pay structures, creating incentive plans, etc.) and would benefit from in-house training to bring them up to speed.
The Board of Directors is not well-versed in the area of compensation and feels uncomfortable making pay recommendations in the current environment.
Few employees participate in process improvement initiatives because they do not have the practical discipline required to facilitate and solve problems.
The organization uses several ways to communicate to employees, but the messages still don't seem to be heard.
Your process improvement team meetings are unproductive. You want the group to come together as a team and to have the skills to conduct effective meetings.
A recent study by WorldatWork/Hay/Loyola University found that 78% of the companies that thought their pay communications were very effective also felt their pay plans were motivational. Unfortunately, 68% of employees felt pay communications were ineffective.
Perspectives and Capabilities
Downloadable .pdf files
Personal Impact Maps Chart the Course to a Shared Vision - WorldatWork Workspan article by Christine Tande and Brad Hill describing how to motivate and inspire employees by connecting their day-to-day efforts to the organization's vision.
Personal Impact Map - Detailed one-page example of a personal impact map that takes specific employee action areas and provides line of sight to the organization's vision.
Communication Pays Off - HR Magazine compensation special report by Lin Grensing making a case that employees who understand how they are paid are more motivated.
We believe good training requires a credible, experienced messenger and good communications requires an understanding of the audience. We are just as comfortable in the union hall as in the boardroom.