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Sales Incentives
Motivating the correct selling behaviors by providing rewards for the sales results with the greatest benefit to the organization.
Sales Incentive Services
Design sales commission/incentive plans
Conduct sales compensation audits
Perform sales force quota reviews
Develop sales force recognition programs
Evaluate current selling process and job design
Conduct sales force opinion surveys
Tandehill Can Help If...
The sales force is too comfortable selling to existing customers and they need to acquire new customers.
You need to transition the sales organization from product sellers to solution sellers.
The sales reps need to be more accountable for the bottom line.
Commission payouts are way down and you're worried about losing your best salespeople.
You need selling relationships with your customers' key senior executives, not just their purchasing area.
Sales reps are being paid more commissions, yet the organization is not hitting its sales budget.
In a Tandehill survey of nearly 7,000 sales representatives, 44% did not agree that "the company will continue to increase sales and remain profitable if I continue my current way of selling".
Perspectives and Capabilities
Downloadable .pdf files
Choose Wisely - Synygy Magazine article by Matt Alderton outlining 10 questions to consider before putting together a sales incentive plan.
Frank Thoughts on Driving Performance - Synygy Magazine article by Jessica Ocken that describes the features of effective incentive plans.
Paying for Quality Sales - Journal of Compensation & Benefits article by Brad Hill and Paul Draeger describing work done at Walt Disney to design a quality sales process and a compensation program to support the process.
Five Steps to Quality Sales - Bureau of Business Practice Sales Manager's Bulletin explaining how to reward the quality as well as the quantity of sales.
We believe incentive payouts should reflect the sales job's contribution to the organization, rather than the market data for the sales job.