Tandehill Human Capital
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Tandehill Mission
Improve your business performance by:
increasing your return on investment in employee pay
providing employees with a sense of purpose in their work
Tandehill Human Capital
Tandehill Human Capital is a Chicago-based compensation consulting firm dedicated to creating programs and processes to maximize the motivation and productivity of your employees, managers and executives. Our consultants have an average of more than 20 years of consulting experience, working with companies such as Air Wisconsin, Cobham Aerospace, General Electric, Kaiser Permanente, Mitsubishi, Nucor Steel, Panera Bread, Rohm & Haas, Toyota Financial Services, Tulane University, the United States Mint and Verizon.

“[Tandehill] designs self-funding, performance-based bonus programs that have slashed turnover by as much as half, added hundreds of thousands to the company bottom line and given workers a greater sense of purpose.”
— from an article by Libby Estell in Incentive Magazine

Tandehill Service Areas
Compensation Strategy
Ensuring pay programs affordably drive the behaviors and skills that support the success of the business.
Performance Management
Providing structure and guidance around what employees need to accomplish and how they need to accomplish it.
Base Pay Management
Connecting base pay opportunities to the skills, knowledge and accountability that the organization requires.
Incentive Pay

Creating a focus on short-term business achievements by rewarding employees for their role in success.
Sales Incentives

Motivating the correct selling behaviors by providing rewards for results with the greatest benefit to the organization.

Giving employees the tools to be more involved in the business and the rewards to make it worth their while.
Training and Communication
Translating the organization's strategy and philosophy into understandable actions.