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Incentive Pay
Creating focus and energy around short-term business achievements by rewarding employees for their role in the success.
Incentive Pay Services
Design work group or team incentives
Develop non-equity executive incentives
Connect employee efforts to profit sharing payouts
Create individual incentive plans
Audit return on investment in incentives
Create line of sight to incentive plan metrics
Tandehill Can Help If...
Incentive pay has become an entitlement, and nobody is working any harder or smarter because of their participation in the incentive plan.
The organization has a profit-sharing plan, but no one understands what they can do to impact profitability.
You are trying to get people to work together as a team, but the current incentive plan drives a 'silo mentality'.
Executive pay is all about keeping score and delivering compensation, rather than focusing and motivating executives to perform at a higher level.
Base pay increases have become too expensive and you need to start rewarding the achievement of annual goals with variable pay, not salary increases.
You have difficulty determining which performance measures to include in the incentive plan.
The average employee wastes 2.1 hours of a typical 8.5 hour workday.1 A good incentive program can help capture and focus this time and thereby increase your business' productivity.

1Salary.com survey of over 3,000 employees
Perspectives and Capabilities
Downloadable .pdf files
Incentive Pay: Short-term Change Agent or Long-Term Success? Workspan Magazine article by Brad Hill and Christine Tande discussing intrinsic versus extrinsic rewards and the role of incentive pay in changing and shaping behavior.
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Winning Compensation Models: Partnering with Employees to Create Performance Gains - Industry Week article by Brad Hill describing how the best manufacturing plants in the country can create better compensation models.
Assessing Variable Pay Readiness - Chapter in the Executive Handbook on Compensation (The Free Press) by Brad Hill describing how to evaluate the likely return on investment in variable pay.
Stock Compensation: A Look at Past and Future Options - On-line Benefits and Compensation News article by Brad Hill exploring creative equity alternatives to the vanilla stock option.
Why Stock Ownership is Better than Stock Options - Journal of Compensation & Benefits article by Brad Hill looking at the problem with stock options and what motivational alternatives exist.
Why Did One CVS Incentive Plan Soar While Another Sank? - Pay for Performance Report (IOMA) article describing CVS's experience with two incentive plans.
We believe that incentive plans should drive the behavior that drives the results, rather than just reward the results.