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Giving employees the tools to be more involved in the business and the rewards to make it worth their while.
Gainsharing Services
Facilitate employee-driven gainsharing plan design in union and nonunion environments
Conduct employee 'gainsharing readiness' survey
Connect pay to process improvements
Develop gainsharing formulas
Create employee idea/suggestion programs
Design employee involvement programs
Tandehill Can Help If...
The organization is looking to reward employees for success in its process improvement initiatives (Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, etc.).
Process improvements are coming from the same people year-after-year and you need to get broader participation in your improvement efforts.
The organization is seeking higher levels of empowerment/employee involvement.
You are challenged by mandated customer concessions and need to enlist employees in cost reduction efforts.
Employees are becoming fed up with management's lack of interest in their ideas for improvement and are seeking a union solution.
Productivity is flat and the only improvements that ever get implemented are management-driven.
“A study of 663 organizations demonstrated that gainsharing generated $2,200 in unbudgeted gains per employee per year.”
- Consortium of Alternative Reward Strategies
Perspectives and Capabilities
Downloadable .pdf files
Gainsharing Overview - Brochure describing the value proposition for gainsharing, Tandehill's process for developing a program, and a quick diagnostic to determine if gainsharing is a good fit with your organization.
Gainsharing: Sharing in Corporate Success - This chapter by Brad Hill in the recently released book Reward Management provides an excellent technical reference on the subject.
Bonuses Aren't Just for the Bosses - Fast Company article by Rekha Balu describing the benefits of Brad Hill's approach to designing incentive pay plans.
Gainsharing- Increased Efficiency at Kurdziel - Article in Modern Casting by Steve Wenk featuring the story of Kurdziel's success with gainsharing.
How a Successful Gainsharing Program Arose from an Old One's Ashes at Verizon - Journal of Organizational Excellence article by Mike Gaudioso describing how Verizon developed a successful gainsharing program.
How the U.S. Mint has Profited from Gainsharing - Pay for Performance Report (IOMA) article describing the details of the U.S. Mint's gainsharing program.
We believe gainsharing is an employee involvement program that ties pay to improvements in workforce productivity, not just a formula.