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Compensation Strategy
Ensuring pay programs affordably drive the behaviors and skills that support the success of the business.
Compensation Strategy Services
Audit the fairness and effectiveness of pay programs
Develop an Employment Value Proposition
Create a total compensation philosophy
Evaluate the design, level and number of positions in an area
Communicate the value of total compensation
Design total compensation toolkit/resource guides for managers
Survey employees on reward program effectiveness
Tandehill Can Help If...
Your pay programs require a "check-up" to ensure that they continue to support the business objectives.
Employees are too focused on base pay and pay increases and have little appreciation for the total remuneration offering.
The organization requires a rigorous process for determining total pay levels that will be shared with the public.
You need to ensure that culture and intangibles play a role in attracting and retaining people.
Some pay or benefit programs are undervalued or ignored.
The same behavior is being recognized and rewarded through several different reward programs.
“We will hire five people to do the work of ten, and pay them like seven.”
- Pay philosophy of a top producer of steel
Perspectives and Capabilities
Downloadable .pdf files
New Rules for Managing Compensation in a Recession - Workspan Magazine cover story by Brad Hill and Christine Tande outlining 10 ways to better manage compensation in an economic downturn.
Total Rewards: The Employment Value Proposition - WorldatWork Workspan article by Christine Tande and Brad Hill describing why your organization may be better off thinking through an “Attraction Philosophy” or a “Retention Philosophy” than a “Compensation Philosophy.”
Personal Impact Maps Chart the Course to a Shared Vision - WorldatWork Workspan article by Christine Tande and Brad Hill describing how to motivate and inspire employees by connecting their day-to-day efforts to the organization's vision.
A Two Component Approach to Compensation - Personnel Journal article by Brad Hill suggesting that organizations should reduce their salary increase budgets and increase their incentive pay budgets to better pay for performance.
Your Salary Administration System is Out of Date - HR Magazine article by Brad Hill explaining that responsible pay administration must examine total pay (base pay plus incentives), not just base pay.
We believe a compensation strategy should provide your organization with a competitive advantage, not just describe how you will deliver pay.