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Base Pay Management
Ensuring that your employees' base pay opportunities reflect the skills, knowledge and accountability that the organization requires.
Base Pay Management Services
Design and conduct job analysis/job evaluation
Establish schedule of base salary grades and ranges
Create dual career paths
Develop skill-based pay programs
Develop salary increase guidelines
Interpret Fair Labor Standards Act
Determine cost impact of a new pay structure
Tandehill Can Help If...
There is no process or rigor around determining pay levels for jobs.
Key technical contributors do not have the advancement opportunity necessary to keep them energized and motivated over their career.
The current pay system is cumbersome to update and administer.
There are so many exceptions to pay policies that the current system is not defensible.
You have difficulty matching many of your key jobs (those jobs that provide a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace) to market.
There is some uncertainty about which jobs should be paid overtime, and which jobs do not have to be paid overtime.
Perspectives and Capabilities
Downloadable .pdf files
Compensation Programs: Four Opportunities Emerging from the Recession - Best Practices in Compensation article by Christine Tande describing some lessons learned from the recession and their impact on compensation policy.
Market Pricing Versus Job Evaluation: Why Not Both? - BLR interview with Christine Tande discussing the benefits of using both market pricing and job evaluation to determine appropriate compensation.
Get off the Broadband Wagon - Journal of Compensation & Benefits article by Brad Hill discussing the strengths and weaknesses of employee-based pay versus job-based pay.
Dual Career Paths: Recognizing the Technical Contributor - Journal of Compensation & Benefits article by Brad Hill describing the advantages of dual career paths and a process for developing them.
How to Design a Pay-for-Skills-Used Program - Journal of Compensation & Benefits article by Brad Hill outlining a process for developing a skill-based pay program.
Although market pay is important, we believe pay systems should place greater emphasis on a job's contribution to your organization than a job's value in the marketplace.